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Creative Materials has developed a line of products that are customized for LED lighting applications. Formulated for use in the manufacture of LEDs, these products are highly effective as an interface between a heat-producing component and a heat sink. We have developed some innovative solutions and several new products, including the following: 124-08A/B is a flexible electrically conductive two-part epoxy system, low temperature curing, with excellent thermally stability and shock resistance. B-Stageable epoxy adhesives include 125-22 (electrically conductive) and 122-07 (thermally conductive), which are both screen printable. A unique product, 125-50, White Reflective Solder Mask, is screen-printable and highly reflective.

The expanding industry of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs) provides a good example of the need for effective heat management. Heat removal in LEDs has become a critical focus for R&D efforts, since LEDs are rapidly replacing more traditional lighting methods. The heat generated by LEDs must be removed to ensure optimal performance. In order to extend the life of an LED device and reduce operating cost, the functional temperature must be kept below 120°C.

Product Description Application Method Conductivity
118-09A/B119-44 Electrically conductive epoxy/ink for bus-bar and traces Screen-print 0.019Ω/sq/mil
125-26A/B119-44 Fine line printable, 3 mil line widths, adheres to ITO Screen-print 0.015Ω/sq/mil
127-01A/B119-44 Electrically conductive epoxy/ink for bus-bar and traces, ideal for polycarbonate substrates Screen-print 0.019Ω/sq/mil
125-22 B-stageable conductive adhesive with low flow & low CTE. Can be used for mounting LEDS directly onto 118-09 or 125-26 conductive inks. Screen-print 0.001Ω-cm
124-08C One component, low temperature curing electrically conductive epoxy adhesive with excellent thermal shock resistance. Syringe dispense 0.0002Ω-cm
122-07(SP) Highly thermally conductive epoxy adhesive, B-Stageable Screen-print 5.5W/mK
125-31FPC One component, fine particle low temperature curing thermally conductive epoxy adhesive with excellent thermal shock resistance. Syringe dispense 5.5W/mK
125-50 Opaque White dielectric solder mask for increasing LED reflectivity , adheres to ITO Screen-print 1×10ˆ16Ω-cm
116-20LH Highly flexible low haze clear dielectric encapsulant Screen-print 7.1 x 10ˆ15Ω-cm
128-13LVA/B Room temperature curing silicone encapsulant & sealant Syringe dispense 1 x 10ˆ15
128-16A/B Room temperature curing urethane encapsulant & sealant Syringe dispense 2 x 10ˆ16