Medical Electrode Films

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Creative Materials offers a wide variety of medical grade films with various ratios of silver and silver chloride. We are able to meet specific customers’ needs for sensitivity and conductivity when producing medical sensors used in biomedical monitoring, diagnostic applications and iontophoretic drug delivery. These electrode films offer stable potential, longer run times, and superior shelf life for pre-gelled electrodes. Creative Materials offers films that demonstrate a high resistance to creasing, scratching, and exhibit compatibility with high salt content hydrogels.

Applications for Ag-AgCl electrically conductive inks include ECG/EKG, EEG and TENS electrodes, defibrillator pads, transdermal drug delivery, biomedical sensors and reference electrodes. Our silver-silver chloride conductive films are provided in either roll or sheet format. These highly engineered films are designed to meet the highest reliability including long electrode life and highest efficiency standards and will surpass the most demanding industry requirements.

Product Description Substrate thickness Coating/adhesive thickness
114-26B Ag/AgCl conductive polymer coated film 3.5-4.5 mils 0.8-0.9mils
114-26A Ag/AgCl conductive polymer coated film 3.5-4.5 mils 0.4-0.5mils
129-05 Ag/AgCl conductive polymer coated film 5mils 0.3-0.5mils
129-08 Silver/Carbon/Ag/AgCl polymer coated film 3.5-4.5mils 10-12lbs/ream

Typical Characteristics of Medical Electrode Films

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