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Creative Materials develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemical products to customers worldwide.
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Creative Materials produces a line of conductive inks, resistive inks, dielectric adhesives/coatings, and flexible conductive adhesives for direct-to-fabric, TPU mounting, and heat transfer application methods. We offer standard and custom formulations, encompassing a wide range of markets including athletic and sport electronics, healthcare monitoring, therapeutics, geriatrics, and LED mounting for novel clothing.

Substrates include nitrile, TPU seam tapes, knit, woven & non-woven garments of polyester, nylon, spandex, lycra, and various fabric blends. Application methods include flat-bed or roll-to-roll screen printing processes for high volume throughput, and each material may be tailored to specific applications.

Our products have been validated through a variety of designs in applications ranging from bio-rhythm monitoring, intuitive clothing designs, and safety/security wearables utilizing Bluetooth technology. Durability though washing and dry cycles provides users with long term device stability with greater than 50 wash cycles following recommended procedures.

We highly encourage the submittal of textile substrates for identification of the optimal method and material sets.

Conductive Silver Inks
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-48 Solvent resistant washable conductive ink 0.025Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
127-07 Elastomeric washable conductive ink 0.008/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
Conductive Carbon Inks
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-48LR Washable resistive ink 40Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
128-07 Elastomeric washable resistive ink 30Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
Dielectric Inks/Coatings
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-48D Solvent resistant washable dielectric ink/coating 1 x 10ˆ11Ω-cm Moderate Screen-print
127-14 Elastomeric washable dielectric ink/coating 2 x 10ˆ11Ω-cm Moderate Screen-print
128-13LVA/B Room temperature curing silicone encapsulant & sealant 1 x 10ˆ15Ω-cm High Syringe dispense
906-57A/B Room temperature curing two component urethane encapsulant 2.0×10ˆ16Ω-cm Moderate Syringe dispense
Conductive Adhesives
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
125-22 B-stageable conductive adhesive with low flow & low CTE 0.001Ω-cm High Screen-print
122-38(SD) Ionically clean die attach adhesive 0.0002Ω-cm High Syringe dispense
GPC-251A/B2612 Two part, room temperature, flexible conductive adhesive 0.0002Ω-cm High Syringe dispense