Conductive Silver Inks

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Creative Materials’ extensive line of conductive silver inks, in standard and custom formulations, encompasses a wide range of markets, including consumer electronics, medical devices and alternative energy solutions. The superior conductivity of Creative Materials’ silver inks enables our customers to print narrower and longer circuit trace lines without compromising overall maximum ohm values, which can result in significant cost savings.

Silver ink applications include EMI/RFI shielding of polyimide flexible circuits, polymer thick-film circuitry, membrane switches and coatings for tantalum capacitors. Our silver inks can be applied by screen-printing, pad-printing, flexography and rotogravure and they feature high electrical conductivity and are resistant to abrasion, scratching, flexing and creasing. Our silver conductive inks adhere to a wide variety of substrates including Kapton, Mylar, glass, polycarbonate, polyimide, polyester, ITO-coated surfaces, Teflon and silicone surfaces.

Product Description Conductivity (ohms/sq/mil) Temperature Stability Application Method
127-07 Elastomeric conductive ink 0.008 Moderate Screen-print
112-15A Standard membrane switch conductive ink. 0.01 Moderate Screen-print
125-10 Economical conductive ink. 0.015 Moderate Screen-print
125-13 Fine line printable, 3 to 4 mil widths and spaces. 0.015 Moderate Screen-print
118-38(EU) Abrasion resistant, water-based, NMP free 0.025 Moderate Screen-print
120-07(LPS) Electrically conductive for ITO and polycarbonate 0.01 Moderate Screen-print
126-33 Abrasion resistant extremely conductive ink 0.008 High Screen-print
125-26A/B119-44 Fine line printable, 3 mil line widths, adheres to ITO 0.015 High Screen-print
118-09A/B119-44 Low temp curing, adheres to ITO 0.019 High Screen-print
126-21C Economical Conductive ink for ITO 0.05 High Screen-print
125-19(SP)C Elastomeric silicone conductive ink, non-flammable 0.1 High Screen-print
118-41 Shielding of polyimide flex circuits. Good for high temperatures. 0.01 High Screen-print
125-13HT Polyimide fine line printable, 3mil line widths, high flexibility 0.03 Extreme Screen-print
110-19(UT) Polyimide ink for very high service temperatures. 0.04 Extreme Screen-print
117-31 Plateable conductive ink 0.04 High Pad-print
127-20A/B Low temp curing, adhesion to difficult substrates 0.025 High Pad-print
119-21 Abrasion resistant, adheres to ITO 0.01 High Pad-print
118-43(LPS) Extremely flexible electrically conductive ink, ideal for elastomeric and difficult substrates 0.018 Moderate Pad-print
124-02 Water based conductive ink. 0.05 Moderate Flexographic
125-28 Conductive ink for high speed printing processes. 0.02 Moderate Flexographic
110-03 Solvent based conductive ink 0.02 Moderate Flexo/Spray
127-10 Low temp curing, adheres to polycarbonate 0.02 Moderate Spray

Typical Characteristics of Conductive Silver Inks

RFID antennas
EMI/RFI shielding of polyimide flexible circuits
Polymer thick film circuitry
Membrane switches
Anode coatings for tantalum capacitors
Screen print circuit lines
Bus bars on ITO sputtered surfaces
Flexible circuits
Gap filling in EMI/RFI enclosures
Touch screen bus bars
Solar cell grid lines
Smart labels
Electronic circuitry
Silicone gasket coatings
Medical electrodes and biosensors
Automotive sensors

Low surface energy coatings and substrates
ITO coated surfaces
Silicone substrates and surfaces

Syringe dispense
Screen print
Flexographic and rotogravure printing
Pad print
Dip coat