Potting Compounds & Encapsulants

Creative Materials develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemical products to customers worldwide.
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Creative Materials’ standard and custom formulations of potting compounds and encapsulants electrically insulate electronic and electrical components while providing protection from negative environmental conditions of high or low temperatures and chemical exposure. Our potting compounds and encapsulants are used for military, automotive, microelectronic, aerospace and industrial applications in power supplies, tachometers, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, ignition coils and other electronics.

Our potting compounds and encapsulants feature low shrinkage, excellent adhesion and bond strength. Their cure temperatures range from room temperature to a mild heat cure, and available custom packaging options include cartridges, bulk packaging and syringes. Several of Creative Materials’ encapsulating materials are thermally conductive, resistant to thermal cycling and are useful for potting dissimilar materials.

Potting Compounds
Product Description Temperature Stability Pot life
F940A/B Black, flame-out, epoxy potting and encapsulating compound. Low viscosity, self de-aerating, thermally conductive. Room temperature cure. Moderate 30 mins.
F940A/B-187 Low viscosity with long pot life. Requires mild heat cure. Moderate  4 hours
F947A/B Room temperature, improved heat resistance. Other properties similar to F940A/B. Moderate 30 min.
F947A/B-187 Excellent heat resistance, extended pot life. Requires mild heat cure. Moderate 4 hours
102-11A/B Crack resistant, black, flame-out, epoxy compound. Room temperature cure, improved resistance to thermal cycling. Other properties similar to F947A/B. Moderate 30 mins.
102-11A/B-187 Excellent resistance to thermal shock, longer pot life. Requires mild heat cure. Moderate 4 hours
102-12A/B Thermal cycle resistant, black, epoxy compound. Room temperature cure, improved crack resistance. High thermal conductivity. Moderate 30 min.
102-12A/B-187 Same as above, but extended pot life; better resistance to thermal cracking. Moderate 4 hours
113-33A/B Crack resistant, black, flame-out, glob top epoxy. Non sag encapsulant. Moderate 30 mins.
810-44-2A/B Two component, low CTE, low flow epoxy adhesive Moderate 4 hours
813-04 One component semi-flexible epoxy encapsulant High 6 hours
904-64A/B Two component, easy air release and low shrinkage addition cured silicone potting compound High 120 min.
Product Description Temperature Stability Pot life
128-13LVA/B Room temperature curing silicone encapsulant & sealant High 60 min.
108-50 Exceptional resistance to thermal cycling. Low stress, low shrink potting compound and adhesive. Ideal for stress sensitive substrates. High 6 weeks
109-12 Exceptional resistance to thermal cycling. Bonds dissimilar materials requiring Class “F+” service temperature rating. More thermally conductive version of 108-50. High 6 weeks
116-20 UV flexible curable encapsulant Moderate 6 months
128-16A/B Room temperature curing urethane adhesive and sealant Moderate 6 hours
128-27 Low stress thermally conductive epoxy cationic cured encapsulant Moderate 4 days
124-15 Green flame out epoxy Moderate 2 months

Typical Characteristics of Potting Compounds & Encapsulants

Component protection
Glob top bonding
Electrical connectors

Metal housing
Plastic housing

Syringe dispensing

Flexible Epoxy