Adhesive Films

Creative Materials develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemical products to customers worldwide.
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Creative Materials offers a wide variety of electrically conductive, Z-axis, thermally conductive and insulating B-stageable films. We offer standard and custom formulations that feature flexibility, heat resistance, and high bond strength. Typical applications include manufacturing and assembly of products and components in consumer, medical, aerospace and industrial applications. Certain products offer high reliability where a hermetic seal is required. B-stage adhesive films are supplied on an easy to remove release liner with options for custom preforms to customer-specified geometries. Thicknesses range from under 1mil to over 5mils.

Products can offer excellent thermal stability and specific materials offer high temperature properties to +325°C, excellent electrical conductivity, & chemical resistance when fully cured.
Additional properties include adhesion to a wide variety of high energy surfaces, minimal flow during bonding/curing and can exhibit low CTE. Some films cure at temperatures as low as 80°C. These highly engineered adhesives and adhesive films are designed to meet the highest reliability and highest efficiency standards and will surpass the most demanding industry requirements.

This series of products can be used in conductive splicing of ribbon cables, PTF circuits, electrical attachment of surface mounted devices and well as assembly of electrical and electronic components. The anisotropic products are used when shorts between closely spaced contacts is a concern.

Product Description Substrate thickness Coating/adhesive thickness
125-22-F B-Stageable electrically conductive epoxy adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
124-33-F B-Stageable electrically conductive thermoplastic adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
118-06-F B-Stageable die attach electrically conductive epoxy adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
126-37-F B-Stageable anisotropic electrically conductive epoxy adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
127-03-F B-Stageable thermally conductive epoxy adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
126-22-F B-Stageable anisotropic electrically conductive urethane adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
124-07-F B-Stageable electrically insulating  epoxy adhesive film Liner 1-5mils
122-07-F B-Stageable thermally conductive epoxy adhesive film Liner 1-5mils

Typical Characteristics of Adhesive Films

Advanced material composites
Die attachment
Epoxy potting
IC packaging
Printed circuit board fabrication
Sealing & high performance coatings

FR-4 board

Pad print
Syringe dispense
Screen print

Flexible epoxy