Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCl) Inks

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Creative Materials’ standard and custom formulations of silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) inks include various ratios of silver and silver chloride. We are able to meet specific customers’ needs for sensitivity and conductivity for producing medical sensors used in biomedical monitoring, diagnostic applications and iontopheretic drug delivery. Creative Materials offers silver-silver chloride inks that are resistant to aggressive chemistries, including methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), demonstrate a resistance to creasing and scratching, and are compatible with high salt content hydrogels.

Applications for our Ag-AgCl electrically conductive inks include ECG, EEG and TENS electrodes; defibrillator pads; transdermal drug delivery; biomedical sensors and reference electrodes. Our silver-silver chloride electrically conductive inks are suitable for application by screen printing, pad printing, syringe dispensing, dipping and spraying as well as by flexographic and rotogravure printing methods and can be applied to a variety of substrates such as polyimide, PEEK, PET, polycarbonate and glass.

Product Ag/AgCl Ratio Description Conductivity (ohms/sq/mil) Application Method
125-20 95/5 Chemically resistant electrode ink 0.02 Screen-print
126-49(SP)A/B 82/18 Elastomeric electrode ink for reference electrodes 0.1 Screen-print
117-43 85/15 Water-borne electrode ink 0.08 Screen-print
117-43(EU) 85/15 Water-borne electrode ink, NMP free 0.08 Screen-print
113-09 82/18 Standard electrode ink for defibrillation and reference electrodes 0.05 Screen-print
113-09(LPS) 82/18 More flexible, solvent resistant version of 113-09 0.05 Screen-print
113-09(S) 82/18 Increased solvent resistant version of 113-09 0.05 Screen-print
113-09H 82/18 Hydrophilic version of 113-09 0.05 Screen-print
117-23 70/30 Standard electrode ink for defibrillation electrodes 0.05 Screen-print
117-23(S) 70/30 Increased solvent resistant version of 117-23 0.05 Screen-print
124-36 66/34 Standard electrode ink 0.05 Screen-print
125-21 65/35 Chemically resistant electrode ink 0.02 Screen-print
106-12 Silver/Carbon/Silver Chloride Standard electrode material for ECG 25 Screen-print
119-10 95/5 Electrode ink 0.05 Pad-print
128-06(PP) 82/18 Electrode ink 0.05 Pad-print
127-11 95/5 Electrode ink for ECG electrodes 0.05 Flexographic/Rotogravure
115-02 80/20 Electrode ink for ECG electrodes 0.10 Flexographic/Rotogravure

Typical Characteristics of Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCl) Inks

Working or reference electrodes
Defibrillator pads
Transdermal drug delivery
ECG & EKG electrodes
Tens electrodes
Muscle stimulator electrodes
Reference electrodes


Pad printing
Syringe dispense
Screen print