Heat Transfer

Creative Materials develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemical products to customers worldwide.
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Creative Materials offers a line of conductive inks, resistive inks, dielectric adhesives/coatings and flexible conductive adhesives for heat transfer products in standard and custom formulations. Products encompass a wide range of markets, including aerospace, medical devices, and smart labels.

As compared to transferrable labels and decals using TPU, these products have been able to reduce product cost while maintaining a high level of conductivity, yielding no appreciable change in performance. Typical washing & drying of these products exceeds 50 cycles. We are expanding this innovative process and responding to the demand for lower cost alternatives. Products can be customized to your application needs and product specifications.

The process of heat transfer involves printing functional inks and encapsulants onto a temporary carrier film, then the ink stack is transferred to the final substrate using heat and pressure, then the carrier film is discarded. Heat transfer method allows for the use of standard manufacturing processes by printing 2D functional structures for transfer method onto 3D parts.

Product Description Conductivity (ohms/sq/mil) Temperature Stability Application Method
128-39 Dielectric adhesive and coating Insulating Moderate Screen-print
127-48 Solvent resistant washable conductive ink 0.025 Moderate Screen-print
127-48LR Solvent resistant washable resistive ink <40Ω Moderate Screen-print
120-07 Electrically conductive urethane ink 0.01 Moderate Screen-print
124-50 Resistive urethane ink <40Ω Moderate Screen-print
124-33 Electrically conductive urethane adhesive 0.20 Moderate Screen-print