Printable Adhesives

Creative Materials develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemical products to customers worldwide.
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Creative Materials offers a wide variety of non-conductive adhesives for screen-printing, flexography, and tampography. We offer standard and custom formulations of printable adhesives that can feature flexibility, heat resistance and high bond strength. Typical applications include manufacturing and assembly of products and components in consumer, medical, aerospace and industrial applications. Specific products offer high reliability where a hermetic seal is required.

Printable adhesives exhibit good electrical insulation properties and are often used when a wide range of operating temperatures and high bond strength properties is required. Curing options include heat, ultraviolet, and hybrid. Other advantages of these products include low out gassing and resiliency when bonding substrates with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion.

Product Description Application method Modulus Shelf life @ 25°C
128-15 UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive Flexographic Low 12 months
124-07 B-Stageable laminating adhesive Screen-print High 2 months
128-19 B-Stageable low CTE laminating adhesive Screen-print Moderate 3 months
128-29 UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive Screen-print Low 12 months
128-38 B-Stageable hermetic lid attach Screen-print High 4 days
127-04 B-Stageable laminating adhesive Screen-print High 3 months
129-03 B-Stageable Hybrid cure adhesive Screen-print High 1 month
123-34 B-Stageable Epoxy Adhesive Pad-print Moderate 1 week

Typical Characteristics of Printable Adhesives

Component protection
Glob top bonding
Electrical connectors

Metal housing
Plastic housing

Syringe dispensing

Flexible Epoxy