Elastomeric Inks / Adhesives

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Creative Materials offers a wide variety of elastomeric functional inks and adhesives to address the demand for new form factors by the printed electronics and wearable markets. Our elastomeric inks and adhesives adhere well to a range of substrates including various grades of silicones, urethanes, TPEs, various textiles, and other low modulus or stress-sensitive substrates.

Creative Materials standard and custom formulations of elastomeric inks and adhesives feature elongative properties with high recovery and low hysteresis. Typical applications include manufacturing and assembly of products and components in tactile sensors, compressible medical devices Advanced technologies include sensors and circuits. Other advantages available include heat resistance, chemical resistance, and a variety of moisture permeability properties.

Methods for applying these products include screen-printing, syringe dispensing, and spray apply. These materials exhibit good electrical properties and are often used when a wide-range of operating temperatures and high-temperature resistance is required. Other advantages include low exothermic heat rise during cure and resiliency when bonding substrates with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion.

Conductive Silver inks
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-07 Elastomeric conductive ink 0.008Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
125-19FS/B-507 Elastomeric silicone conductive ink 0.05Ω/sq/mil High Screen-print
125-19(SP)A/B Elastomeric silicone conductive ink, non-flammable 0.1Ω/sq/mil High Screen-print
120-07LPS Flexible/elastomeric conductive ink ideal for urethane substrates 0.015Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
Conductive Carbon inks
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
128-07 Elastomeric carbon resistive ink 30Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
126-03/B-507 Elastomeric carbon silicone resistive ink 600Ω/sq/mil High Screen-print
126-03(SP)A/B Elastomeric carbon silicone resistive ink, non-flammable 250Ω/sq/mil High Screen-print
124-50(LPS) Flexible/elastomeric resistive ink ideal for urethane substrates 40Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
Dielectric Inks/Coatings
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-14 Elastomeric dielectric ink 1X10ˆ11Ω-cm Moderate Screen-print
126-26 Elastomeric silicone dielectric ink 1X10ˆ11Ω-cm High Screen-print
126-26(SP)A/B Elastomeric silicone dielectric ink, non-flammable 1X10ˆ11Ω-cm High Screen-print
Conductive Adhesives
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
102-32 High temperature, flexible silicone adhesive. 0.0001Ω-cm High Syringe dispense
124-33(S) Extremely flexible conductive adhesive 0.0005Ω-cm Moderate Screen-print

Typical Characteristics of Elastomeric Inks / Adhesives

Ribbon cable splicing
Flex circuit attachment
Die attachment
LED mounting
Smart card chip attachment

Metalized contact pads

Syringe dispense
Screen print

Flexible Epoxy
UV Curing