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Creative Materials offers a variety of inks for use in capacitive, resistive and acoustic wave touch screens. To keep abreast of the advances in the touch screen industry, Creative Materials has made this a major focus of our development efforts. Some of our innovative and best-selling products include:

118-09C, Solvent-Resistant Electrically Conductive Ink, used for bus bars in touch screens, offers excellent adhesion to transparent conductive oxides (TCOs), including ITO (indium tin oxide), and can be screen-printed. Blended with compatible carbon inks, the conductivity level can be adjusted to fit cost-conscience applications where the high conductivity of pure silver is not needed.

Creative Materials developed 125-48A/B , Black Electrically Conductive Carbon Ink and 125-47A/B, Opaque Black Dielectric Ink to work together to provide more visually appealing effects. These products are color-matched to have a nearly indiscernible difference in color and hue. Designed for use in touch screen applications, these inks can conceal conductive features or hide insulated regions within conductive features. 125-48A/B is highly opaque and optically dense screen-printable ink capable of printing at 150μm. Formulated to adhere to ITO surfaces, 125-48A/B is also a low-temperature curing two-component system.

With applications in printed electronics, 125-26A/B119-44, Electrically Conductive Fine-Line Two-Part Epoxy Ink offers the ability to print fine circuit lines, demonstrated at 100μm lines and spaces and capable of 75μm lines and spaces. Screen-printable and formulated to adhere to ITO surfaces, this product is also a low-temperature curing two-component system.

Conductive and anisotropic adhesives are used for bonding tails and transducers and can be used with our optically clear protective UV overcoat, 116-20LH. This product is an optically clear, screen-printable solvent-resistant flexible ultraviolet-curable coating and provides an insulating layer over and/or between polymer thick film conductive coatings in the manufacture of touch screens, membrane switches and flex circuits.

Conductive Silver Inks
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-48 Solvent resistant washable conductive ink 0.025Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
127-07 Elastomeric washable conductive ink 0.008/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
Conductive Carbon Inks
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-48LR Washable resistive ink 40Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
128-07 Elastomeric washable resistive ink 30Ω/sq/mil Moderate Screen-print
Dielectric Inks/Coatings
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
127-48D Solvent resistant washable dielectric ink/coating 1 x 10ˆ11Ω-cm Moderate Screen-print
127-14 Elastomeric washable dielectric ink/coating 2 x 10ˆ11Ω-cm Moderate Screen-print
128-13LVA/B Room temperature curing silicone encapsulant & sealant 1 x 10ˆ15Ω-cm High Syringe dispense
906-57A/B Room temperature curing two component urethane encapsulant 2.0×10ˆ16Ω-cm Moderate Syringe dispense
Conductive Adhesives
Product Description Conductivity Temperature Stability Application Method
125-22 B-stageable conductive adhesive with low flow & low CTE 0.001Ω-cm High Screen-print
122-38(SD) Ionically clean die attach adhesive 0.0002Ω-cm High Syringe dispense
GPC-251A/B2612 Two part, room temperature, flexible conductive adhesive 0.0002Ω-cm High Syringe dispense