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Low-temperature curing, highly thermally conductive

Save MoneyMay 2012–Creative Materials has developed a line of products that are customized for LED lighting applications, now including 125-35C, Syringe-Dispensable Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive. Formulated for use in the manufacture of LEDs, these products are highly effective as an interface between a heat-producing component and a heat-sink.
Application to LEDs
The expanding industry of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs) provides a good example of the need for effective heat management. Heat removal in LEDs has become a crucial area of R&D, since LEDs are rapidly replacing more traditional lighting methods. The heat generated by LEDs must be removed to ensure optimal performance. In order to extend the life of an LED device and reduce operating cost, the functional temperature must be kept below 120°C.
Heat Removal
One heat-removal technique is to attach a heat-sink, artificially increasing the surface area of the component to allow heat to dissipate. The heat-sink is usually composed of a highly thermally conductive material (e.g., a metal), so the heat can be transferred away from the component. To facilitate heat transfer, the gap between the component and heat-sink must be eliminated. The use of a thermal adhesive can significantly improve the thermal interface between the two substrates.
Creative Materials’ New Thermal Management Product: 125-35C 
Creative Materials has introduced a new product to our family of thermally conductive adhesives: 125-35C. The properties of this product are ideal for thermal management applications where precision is required in small area bonding, e.g. for bonding individual LEDs. This product is syringe-dispensable, 100-percent solids, electrically insulating and precatalyzed, featuring outstanding chemical resistance and high-temperature properties. Its thermal conductivity is >5.5 W/mK. The product cures at temperatures as low as 80°C and has a temperature range of up to 230°C. The product is flexible and stress-absorbing when bonding to mismatched substrates. Among the features of this one-component product is ease of use and minimal shrinkage during curing.
Our highly regarded 109-12 remains one of our best-selling products, offering many of the same characteristics as 125-35C and a proven track record in LED lighting applications. This product is extremely versatile in applications where large-area bond lines are needed, offering high thermal conductivity and superior performance. It also features low viscosity, which reduces the amount of air entrapment in the component interface, allowing a minimal amount of product to be applied and keeping thermal resistance low. With thermal conductivity of 5.65 W/mK and operating temperature of up to 220°C, 109-12 is a low-stress epoxy, featuring exceptional resistance to thermal-cycling. In applications where solder replacement is required, the compliant nature of 109-12 avoids the brittle failure of solder.
Other products in the same family are 108-50 and 111-17, both medium-viscosity products. All products in this family exhibit similar performance characteristics and can be used in a range of applications. Applications include die attachment, printed circuit board fabrication, advanced material composites, LED attachment, and heat-sink bonding. For more information on these and other products, please view these datasheets:

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