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May 2014–Creative Materials, Inc. has introduced 102-32D to its family of conductive silicone adhesives. This new product offers some enhanced features over our standard 102-32, which is one of our most versatile and widely used products. Some innovative features of 102-32D are improved working life and dispensing characteristics. 102-32D was designed for high throughput and automated dispensing processes, allowing for enhanced features such as no tailing or stringing and low bleeding.

Creative Materials’ standard and custom formulations of silicone adhesives feature flexibility, heat resistance and moisture resistance. Typical applications for our silicone adhesives include manufacturing and assembly of products and components in consumer, medical, aerospace and industrial applications.
Features of 102-32D include: room temperature cure and snap cure; high conductivity (0.0001 Ω-cm); easy-to-dispense; high elasticity; resistance to high temperatures; excellent resistance to thermal cycling; low bleeding; non-tailing; low modulus; and low stress.

Our silicone adhesives adhere well to PTFE, silicone, and other low-surface-energy substrates, and are suitable for delicate and stress-sensitive substrates. Application methods include spraying, screen-printing, and syringe dispensing. Silicone adhesives exhibit good electrical properties and are often used when a wide-range of operating temperatures and high-temperature resistance are required. Other advantages of these products include little exothermic heat rise during cure and resiliency when bonding substrates with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion.

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Creative Materials, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of custom-formulated electrically conductive inks, coatings, and adhesives. Products from Creative Materials are used in a variety of applications that provide cost-effective design solutions for demanding production requirements. Many of our products are used in the manufacturing processes of electronic components for computers, keyboards, cell phones, solar collectors, automobiles and aircraft, medical electrodes, medical devices, and heating equipment. Creative Materials is ISO 9001 certified, with an extensive product line with more than 1,000 products. Our company has extensive experience in the adhesive, ink and coating industry, combining technical expertise with nimble production capabilities, enabling us to reduce time-to-market for new product applications.