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October 2017 – Creative Materials, Inc., introduces 127- 38 and 127-39, two unique products that bond well to silicone hardcoated acrylic and polycarbonate films. Generally silicone hardcoated films are abrasion and scratch-resistant, and it is very difficult to adhere inks to these surfaces. With 127-38 and 127-39, the user is able to print functional and decorative features on windows, instrument cluster covers, and other displays where a non- stick hardcoat surface is required.

A single-component, silver-filled product, 127-38 is screen-printable and electrically conductive. In addition, it exhibits a high degree of flexibility and adheres extremely well to silicone hardcoated films. This product is resistant to harsh solvents, aging and UV exposure. Demonstrating its resistance to humidity, 127-38 passes an adhesion crosshatch test after exposure to 3000 hours of boiling water.

127-39 is a carbon-filled electrically conductive version and has similar properties. Other versions, including a non-conductive black ink, are also available.

Creative Materials, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of custom-formulated electrically conductive inks, coatings, and adhesives. Products from Creative Materials are used in a variety of applications that provide cost-effective design solutions for demanding production requirements. Creative Materials is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our company has extensive experience in the adhesive, ink and coating industry, combining technical expertise with nimble production capabilities, enabling us to reduce time-to-market for new product applications. Please contact Creative Materials at 1-800.560.5667, or email us @, to discuss your specific application needs.