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June 2016–Creative Materials has introduced two new products that offer superior electrical performance when compared to other conductive and resistive inks: 126-33 is a new silver-filled electrically conductive ink, and 126-28 is a low-resistance carbon ink. Typical applications include biomedical applications, biosensors, electronic component manufacturing, RFID antennas, EMI/RFI shielding of polyimide flexible circuits, polymer thick film circuitry, membrane switches, printed heaters, and resistive elements/coatings.

The conductivity rating of 126-33 is 0.008 Ω /square/mil (sheet resistivity), with a volume resistance of 0.00002 Ω-cm. Competitor inks typically have sheet resistivity of 0.01 Ω /square/mil. The superior conductivity of this product allows the end-user to print narrower and/or longer circuit trace lines or thinner coatings without compromising overall maximum ohm values. The proper use of this feature can result in a significant cost saving or enhanced performance.

The 126-28 has sheet resistivity of 8 ohms/square/mil, which favorably compares with other resistive inks, which are in the 20 ohms/square/mil range. Lower resistance can also allow for narrow print lines or thinner coatings, which consistently results in reduced cost.

Both products feature excellent adhesion to polyester, polyimide and a wide variety of high-energy surfaces. In addition, both inks offer excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as excellent long-term aging. These inks can be applied by screen-printing, dipping, or syringe dispensing, and they cure at temperatures as low as 110°C.

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Creative Materials, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of custom-formulated electrically conductive inks, coatings, and adhesives. Products from Creative Materials are used in a variety of applications that provide cost-effective design solutions for demanding production requirements. Creative Materials is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our company has extensive experience in the adhesive, ink and coating industry, combining technical expertise with nimble production capabilities, enabling us to reduce time-to-market for new product applications. Please contact Creative Materials at 1-800.560.5667, or email us @, to discuss your specific application needs.