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New Product – Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive For Wearable And Washable Electronics

Decemeber 2019 – Ayer, MA — Creative Materials, Inc., introduces GPC 251A/B2612, a two-component 100-percent solids silver-filled conductive epoxy adhesive. This product is very useful in wearable applications, especially those requiring wash durability of more than 100 wash cycles. GPC 251A/B2612 is available in convenient packaging options, including pre-measured bi-paks, and has a 1:1 mix ratio. GPC 251A/B2612 is curable at room temperature, ranging up to 120°C. Higher cure temperatures reduce the cure cycle to as low as 5 minutes. GPC 251A/B2612 combines properties of high conductivity, flexibility, high tensile strength, and low stress. Typical applications include the mounting of connectors, components, and sensors to wearable devices.

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