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Creative Materials, Inc., introduces 124-08 to address cost and efficiency concerns in the solar industry. As a replacement for lead solder materials, 124-08 offers strong flexible bonding of solar array components, which are increasingly manufactured to thinner tolerances and with larger surface areas. In addition, 124-08’s low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is more compatible with the composition of thin film photovoltaic cells, which improves the cells’ performance in production and in service. 

Tyngsboro, MA, September 1, 2010

Creative Materials, Inc., introduces 124-08, Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive, for applications in the solar industry. Available as a two-component and one-component pre-catalyzed epoxy adhesive, 124-08 offers excellent bond strength, superior flexibility, and a low-temperature cure. This product has been tested in a wide range of applications and is particularly recommended as a bonding agent to replace solder materials in the building of solar arrays.

Significant pressures from many quarters confront the solar industry to both lower raw materials costs and increase product efficiency, in order to compete effectively with traditional grid power systems. New product advances can offer solutions. Among the industry’s challenges is to replace solder materials. Solder is neither environmentally acceptable, nor is it an efficient bonding agent as the solar industry looks for more cost-efficient materials and solutions. The industry trend is to produce thinner solar cells with greater surface area, in order to reduce material costs. Solder does not provide sufficient flexibility to bond effectively to crystalline silicon solar cells. Moreover, the CTE of the rigid solder interconnect is not compatible with the solar cell material, which results in more breaking and cracking of cells.

As a bonding material, 124-08 addresses the performance criteria for solar cell production in every respect. This is a highly conductive product that meets the low-temperature processing and fast-curing specifications required to minimize stresses on the delicate solar cells. The product can be syringe or jet dispensed and is available as a one-component (124-08C and 124-08LVC) or two-component system (124-08A/B). The cure temperature range of 124-08 is from a low of 80°C (@ 90 minutes) to 175°C (@ 5 minutes). The product provides a flexible bond with superior bond strength that the new design of photovoltaic cells requires. Providing a resilient bond that is less sensitive to handling, 124-08 is effective at a wide range of temperatures and resistant to humidity. In addition, 124-08 is lead-free and RoHS compliant.

This product is part of Creative Materials’ electrically conductive epoxy adhesive family, which also includes 118-15123-39, and 125-18. These products reflect the depth of product development that Creative Materials achieves in order to provide customized solutions for unique application requirements.

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