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October 2016, Ayer, Massachusetts Creative Materials, Inc, has developed screen printable, pad printable and stencil printable silver conductive inks and coatings that are suitable for applications requiring subsequent plating operations. These inks and coatings act as an underlying coating for plating on a wide variety of high-energy surfaces. The products are used in electro-less and electrolytic plating and can promote self-nucleation of the electro-less plating process.

126-43 is a plateable, electrically conductive silver ink which can be applied by stencil or screen printing. This product features excellent adhesion to polyimide, polyester, glass, and a variety of other substrates. It is very resistant to harsh chemical environments including plating baths and is also very resistant to scratching and creasing. End use applications include EMI/RFI shielding of polyimide flexible circuits, polymer thick film circuitry, membrane switches, electrical attachments for surface mounted devices, and anode coatings for tantalum capacitors.

117-31(i) is a pad-printable, plateable, electrically conductive silver ink and coating designed as an anode and cathode coating for capacitors, and as an underlying coating for decorative plating on various substrates.

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Creative Materials, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of custom-formulated electrically conductive inks, coatings, and adhesives. Products from Creative Materials are used in a variety of applications that provide cost-effective design solutions for demanding production requirements. Creative Materials is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our company has extensive experience in the adhesive, ink and coating industry, combining technical expertise with nimble production capabilities, enabling us to reduce time-to-market for new product applications. Please contact Creative Materials at 1-800.560.5667, or email us @, to discuss your specific application needs.