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New Product – Electrically Conductive Room Temperature Curing High Bond Strength Epoxy Adhesive

September 2018 – Ayer, MA — Creative Materials introduces GPC-251/CA-414, a room temperature curing, two-component electrically conductive epoxy adhesive for making electrical and mechanical attachments on electrical components and devices. This new product, unlike others of its kind, has excellent electrical and mechanical properties and is less sensitive to handling under ambient conditions. In addition, GPC-251/CA-414 offers lower mixed viscosity than other versions. The CA-414 curing component allows for maximum tensile strength and offers longer pot life than previous versions. GPC-251/CA-414 is available in convenient pre-measured bi-packs as well as in bulk containers.

Typical performance includes: volume resistivity between 0.005 and 0.0002 Ω-cm, depending upon cure temperature, tensile strength 11,200 psi and thermal conductivity 6.74 W/mK.

GPC-251/CA-414 Technical Data sheet

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